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King Mosi Guttah Online Class

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King Guttah is a professional dancer and choreographer from Fairfield,CA. King started dancing as a freestyler in 2009 and later began choreography in 2011. He quickly made his name as a leader in the dance world after co-founding The GoodFellas, a hip hop crew based out of Sacramento,CA in 2011. King is now focused on his most recent development as founder and artistic director of BlacKrownz Dance Company and BlacKrownz Clothing. From traveling all over the world to teach, judge, and dance King has made the move to pursue a career in LA and, within a very short time, has been teaching at Millennium Dance Complex and other studios in the SoCal region.


Music video:
JoJo - When Love Hurts
Kendrick Lamar - Alright
Slo Mo - Get on
B.Smoov & Mistah Fab - "Gone ri now"

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